7. Using RBF : Report Specifications
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Report Specifications
A report specification is a set of instructions telling RBF what data you want included in the report and how you want the data presented. With RBF, you can create report specifications:
Based on tables, views, join definitions (JoinDefs), or other RBF reports
In six different styles, which you can edit
With report, page, and break headers and footers, which you can design to your specifications
With aggregated data
Once you have named and created a report specification, you can use the same specification to produce a report as many times as you wish. The report will always reflect the most recent data in the database.
If you edit the table, view, or JoinDef on which your report is based, you must re‑create your report specification. For restrictions that apply to the use of certain report data sources, see Sources of Report Data (see page Sources of Report Data).
Note:  Report specifications created for this release of Ingres cannot be edited or run in earlier releases due to changes in the underlying table name formats.