14. VIFRED Form Components : Create Operation : Boxes and Lines : Resize a Box or Line
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Resize a Box or Line
To change the size of a box
1. Choose the Resize operation on the Edit submenu.
The upper left corner is marked with a flashing plus sign (+). This is the anchor point. The cursor automatically shifts to the diagonally opposite corner.
2. Move the cursor to a new location. You can move the cursor in any direction.
3. Press the Menu key to redraw the box, using the anchor point and the cursor's new location as the diagonally opposite corners of the box.
4. When finished resizing the box, press the End key to return to the Form Layout frame.
5. To save your changes, choose the Save operation.
There are no restrictions on where you can move the cursor in the form. For example, you can flip a box by moving the cursor from the lower right corner (relative to the anchor point) to a new position above and left of the anchor point.
By rotating the anchor point to a different corner of the box you can change the orientation of your changes. To shift the anchor point, press the Tab key. Each time you press Tab, the anchor point and cursor rotate clockwise to a new corner of the box. By shifting the cursor and anchor point to new corners, you can expand or contract the box in any direction.