13. Using VIFRED : Run QBF from VIFRED
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You can test default forms by running QBF from within VIFRED.
To run QBF from within VIFRED
1. On the VIFRED Forms Catalog frame, place the cursor on the name of the form that you want to use as a QBF query target.
2. Choose the Go operation.
VIFRED checks to see if a QBFName with the same name as the form exists. If one already exists, it starts QBF using that QBFName as the query target.
If VIFRED does not find a QBFName, it prompts you for the name of a table. Enter the table name and press Return to start QBF. If you press the Return key without entering a table name, VIFRED cancels the operation.
When you exit QBF you automatically return to VIFRED.