8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Save Operation--Save a Report Specification
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Save Operation--Save a Report Specification
You use the Save operation to save your report specification in RBF after creating it or to save any changes you made while editing it.
The Save operation appears on the Report Layout frame, as well as on other RBF frames and pop-up menus. When you choose the Save operation from any frame, RBF displays either the Save Report frame or the Save submenu.
The Save Report frame, as shown in the following figure, allows you to edit the report name or other general information about the report, such as a brief description in the Long or Short Remarks field. This is the same information that appears whenever you select the MoreInfo operation on the Report Catalog frame. If you are creating a new report specification, RBF always displays the Save Report frame.
If you are editing an existing report, RBF displays the Save submenu with the following operations:
Displays the Save Report frame so you can edit the name or other information displayed on the Report MoreInfo frame.
Saves the report specification under its existing name.
Returns you to the previous frame.
Note:  Report specifications created for this release of Ingres cannot be edited or run in earlier releases of Ingres, due to changes in the underlying table name formats.