C. Writing Termcap Descriptions : Supplied Termcap File : Format of a Termcap Description : Special Characters Used in a Termcap Description
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Special Characters Used in a Termcap Description
The special symbols used in the termcap description are as follows:
Separates capabilities.
Separates names.
Continues to next line (when at the end of line).
Is the Escape character.
Pauses for 100 milliseconds (when before a command).
Indicates that capability is a number that immediately follows.
Sets capability to a string that follows
Is Control‑X for any X; thus, ^g is Control‑G,^h is Control‑H, etc.
Is the Newline character.
Is the Return character.
Is the Tab.
Is the Backspace.
Produces a Formfeed.
Is a colon (072 is the octal value for :). In general, any character can be specified as a three‑digit octal value of the ASCII character by preceding it with a backslash.
When placed after a command, it means do not apply this command. It is used in descriptions that have the tc command. For more information, see Eleven Basic Commands (see page Eleven Basic Commands).