13. Using VIFRED : Form Size and Position : Set Size and Position Attributes : StartRow and StartColumn Attributes
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StartRow and StartColumn Attributes
The StartRow and StartColumn attributes only display for fixed-position pop-up display-style forms.
Use the StartRow and StartColumn attributes to specify the location of a fixed‑position pop-up style form. You use these two attributes to specify the screen row and column of the upper left corner of the form. For example, to place the upper left corner of the form at the 10th column of the 5th row, enter 5 in the StartRow field and 10 in the StartColumn field.
Both StartRow and StartColumn are screen‑relative, not form‑relative. That is, they refer to locations on the user's screen regardless of the position of any underlying forms or the position of the cursor. When you use fullscreen‑style forms that are larger than your screen, you must scroll around the fullscreen form. Fixed‑position pop-up style forms always appear at the same place in the window no matter how the underlying fullscreen form is displayed.
By default, the initial StartRow and StartColumn specifications are set to Row 1, Column 1.