13. Using VIFRED : Start VIFRED : Start VIFRED in Expert Mode
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Start VIFRED in Expert Mode
Expert mode allows you to enter VIFRED without displaying the full list of existing forms in the Forms Catalog frame. Instead, you type the name of the form you want to work with in the Name column of a blank Catalog frame.
You can also use expert mode with pattern matching to have VIFRED retrieve a range of forms from which you can choose. For example, to retrieve and display a list of all the forms that begin with the letter s you would type s* in the Name column.
To start VIFRED in expert mode
1. From the operating system enter the command:
vifred [dbname | v_node::dbname] [/server‑type] ‑e
VIFRED displays an empty Forms Catalog frame.
2. In the Name column, type the name of the form you want to work with, or pattern‑matching characters to select several forms at once.
3. Choose the operation that you want to perform.
If you entered a single form name in the Name column, VIFRED performs the chosen operation.
If you used pattern matching, VIFRED displays all the forms that match your specification.
To select from the displayed list:
a. Place the cursor on the name of the form to select it.
b. Choose the operation to perform.