13. Using VIFRED : Form Layout Frame : Alignment Guides : Straight Edges
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Straight Edges
The Form Layout frame contains optional horizontal and vertical straight edge alignment guides to help you line up the components on your form. The vertical and horizontal straight edges appear initially in the last column and row of the form. If the form is larger than your window, you must scroll the form by moving the cursor off-screen to gain access to them. If a straight edge is touching a form component, such as trim or a field, the form component temporarily takes precedence and obscures that part of the straight edge.
You move straight edges with the Move operation, as you would a piece of trim or other form component. For best results, use a monitor with a line graphics character set.
You can turn straight edges on or off by choosing the Rulers operation on the Form Layout frame. On the pop-up menu, set Straight edges to y (yes) or n (no). The default is n (no).