5. Working with QBF Operations : QBF Append Operation : How to Use the Append Frame : TableFields Format
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TableFields Format
If you are appending data using table‑field format, you can enter more than one row of data in the table field before choosing Append. When finished entering data, choose Append to write your new data into the database.
The following menu operations are available on the Append frame if you choose the table‑field format:
Appends the data to the table.
Inserts a new blank row in the table field.
Displays the available choices for the selected field on a QBFName.
Help, End
Standard operations.
The Insert operation on the Append frame allows you to open a new line in the table and insert a new row of data in a specific location. Using Insert does not affect the retrieval or reporting of data in the table(s). The Insert operation is provided as a convenience so that you can visually order your new rows as you enter them on the frame.
To use the Insert operation
Put the cursor where you want the new row to appear, and then select Insert.
QBF places the cursor at the beginning of a new blank row inserted above the previously selected row.