C. Writing Termcap Descriptions : Supplied Termcap File : Format of a Termcap Description : Termcap Description Names
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Termcap Description Names
Names have a special format that you must follow. The first name must be two letters long. The second name is the common name to which you must set TERM_INGRES. The last name can be a concise description of the terminal's brand and model number. The last name can contain blanks, though the other names can not have blanks.
All names must be separated by a vertical bar (|). Additional names can be placed between the second name and the last name. The additional names can be used as alternative names for TERM_INGRES.
Note:  Names must always be checked for uniqueness. You must check through the termcap file before writing a new description to make sure that the names you want to use have not already been selected. A duplicated name is not recognized; only the first one is used.