15. VIFRED Field Specifications : Attributes in the Set List : The Invisible Attribute
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The Invisible Attribute
You can use the Invisible attribute to prevent a simple field or table field column and the data in it from being displayed in the window.
There is a difference between making an entire table field invisible and making a table field column invisible:
Making a table field invisible prevents the entire table field from appearing in the window.
To make an entire table field invisible, enter y in the Invisible Field?(y/n) field on the Table Field frame, which is described in Creating and Editing Table Fields.
Making a table field column invisible prevents only the column from appearing in the window.
To make a table field column invisible, type y next to the Invisible attribute in the Set Attributes list of the Attributes for Field frame.
When you use a form with invisible table field columns or invisible simple fields, the invisible field does not appear in the window. However, the invisible field or column does appear on the Form Layout frame in VIFRED and in printform output.
As with the DisplayOnly attribute, you cannot place the cursor in invisible fields with Tab or Return. The cursor skips over these fields to the next field.