8. Working with RBF Report Specifications : Report Options Frame : Underlining
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The Report Options frame allows you to determine how you want to use underlining in reports written to a file or printer. Underlining is suppressed when the report appears on your screen.
The default underlining character for reports sent to files or printers is the underscore (_). To specify a different character, such as a hyphen (-), enter it in the Underlining Character field.
Use the table field at the bottom of the Report Options frame to determine how you want to apply underlining to different types of text elements in the report. To specify how many lines of a particular report section must be underlined, move the cursor to the appropriate field and enter one of the codes listed in the following table:
all (or a)
Underline all lines of text in the layout area
last (or l)
Underline only the last line of text in the report section
none (or n)
Underline nothing
The default is to underline the last line in the:
Report header (for all reports)
Page header (for Tabular and Wrap reports only)
There is no default underlining for newly created sections.
When you are satisfied with your specifications on this frame, select the End operation to return to the Report Catalog frame.