4. Monitoring Server Information : Detailed Process Information Screen (VMS Only) : Detailed Process Information Screen Fields
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Detailed Process Information Screen Fields
The detail process information screen contains the following information:
CPU Time
The cumulative CPU time.
Process State
The VMS process state.
Lock Enqueue Information
The important value is the Remaining field. When this value reaches zero the server cannot acquire any more locks. This leads to errors or lock escalation, which implies table level locking. Lock escalation causes serious concurrency problems. This is relevant only for Ingres installations on VMS clusters that use the VMS Distributed Lock Manager (DLM).
Direct I/O Information
The Total field shows how many cumulative direct I/O requests were made. This indicates how much disk I/O is being performed.
Page Faults
Indicates if the working set sizes (also displayed) are sufficient.
Open File Information
The Remaining field shows how many more files the process can open. On queries that touch many tables, on databases with journals and queries that contain aggregates, the File Limit Quota (FILLM) can be exceeded if not set at sufficient levels. For more information, see the System Administrator Guide.