5. Monitoring Lock Information : Lock Detail Display Screen : Lock Detail Display Menu Items
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Lock Detail Display Menu Items
The menu items on the Lock Detail Display screen are:
Place the cursor on the desired lock and select this menu item. Additional information for that lock is displayed on a pop-up screen.
For more information on this screen, see Lock Detail Display More_Info Screen.
All locks for the resource on which the cursor rests are displayed on the Resource Lock Display screen, providing useful information about the number of other sessions that have a lock on that resource. For example, you can see what other locks are held for page 0 in table foo. Other information displayed includes the session name (if any).
For more information on this screen, see Resource Lock Display Screen.
Searches a column in a scrolling region (tablefield). If searching a text column, Find locates all occurrences wherever they are in the column. To locate the next occurrence of your previous search, enter (.).
Displays help screens
Returns to the Lock List Display screen
Exits IPM