5. Monitoring Lock Information : Lock Info Menu Screen : Lock Info Selections
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Lock Info Selections
The Lock_Info screen has the following selections:
Displays the Locking System Summary screen. Information on the locking system is displayed (lock list activity, deadlock counts, and other data).
For more information on this screen, see Locking System Summary Screen.
Displays the Lock List Display screen. All lock lists in the locking system that meet the appropriate option selections are displayed.
For more information on this screen, see Lock List Display Screen.
Displays the Resource List Display screen. All resources of interest that have locks on them are displayed. The resources displayed depend on the setting of IPM options.
For more information on this screen, see Resource Lock Display Screen.
Queries the locking system for locking information. Lock List and Resource information are obtained together to ensure a consistent snapshot of the locking system. After setting IPM options, select this menu item so the locking information reflects the set options.
For more information, see Option Selection Screen.