6. Monitoring Log Information : Log Database Display Screen
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Log Database Display Screen
The Log Database Display screen appears when you select Databases from the Log Info Menu screen.
This screen can be used to monitor logging activity by database.
The screen contains an entry for each active database. Information includes the number of transaction begins and ends, and the number of log file write requests. The status of a database can also be determined. For a list of valid status values, see Logging System Header Screen--Status Field Values.
The Log Database Display shows the following information:
DB Name
The database name.
The database status. Valid values are as follows:
Online backup for this database is about to start.
This database is about to be closed; the last user in the database is exiting.
Online backup
This database is running with Fast Commit.
Online backup
This database has journaling enabled.
The entry is not a database.
This database is about to be opened for the first user of the database.
This database is closed and the archiver is archiving transactions.
TX Cnt
The number of currently open transactions. This is the difference between the Begin and End columns.
The number of transaction begins that have occurred so far.
The number of transaction ends that have occurred so far.
The number of log file read requests that have been made so far. It is unusual for this value to be greater than 0 for any entry except the $recovery entry. Log file reads are usually done during transaction rollout and during journaling by the archiver.
The number of log file write requests made.