A. Release Compatibility : Utilities for Updating a Release 6.4 Star Database : Ingres Star and Upgradedb : Upgradedb Command--Update a Distributed Database
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Upgradedb Command--Update a Distributed Database
The upgradedb command for distributed databases has the following format:
upgradedb distdbname [/star] | -all [-f product {product}]
Specifies the name of the distributed database to be converted.
(Optional) Designates the database as distributed. This parameter cannot be used if -all is used instead of a distdbname.
Specifies that all databases that have not been converted to the current release are to be upgraded.
(Optional) Indicates that one or more Ingres tools catalog product names are specified. A product name must be specified after -f.
Default: No -f flag, which means that all authorized Ingres tools catalogs that are legal for this installation are upgraded (if they exist) or created (if they do not exist). These are the products that the authorization string indicates the installation supports.
The -f flag options are as follows:
-f flag with products
Specifies to upgrade (if they exist) or create (if they do not exist) the specified product tools catalogs. Product names are identical to those used with the createdb command.
-f nofeclients
Bypasses upgradefe processing (that is, no tools catalogs are upgraded). This special name cannot be used with any other product name.
Specifies one or more product names. Names can include:
The special name nofeclients