4. Establishing Communications : Netutil Non-Interactive Mode : Command Line Flags in Netutil Non-interactive Mode
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Command Line Flags in Netutil Non-interactive Mode
The following command line flags are supported in netutil’s non-interactive mode:
-u user
Impersonate the specified user for the purpose of managing private authorization and connection entries. Only a user with the NET_ADMIN privilege (generally a system administrator) can impersonate another user.
-file filename
When this flag is used, netutil processes commands specified in the indicated input control file.
The format of the input control file is described in the following section.
If the input file is specified as "-" (a single dash character), input is taken from the standard input channel. This allows the user to enter commands directly from the keyboard or to run netutil as part of a UNIX pipeline. To exit, press Ctrl+Z.
-vnode vnode
Connect to the Name server on the remote instance specified by the vnode name.
The vnode name must be defined on the local host's Name server; that is, connection and authorization information must exist locally for that vnode name. This information can be defined by invoking netutil on the local Name server.