10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Programming : Database Procedure Execution : Database Procedures that Return Rows
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Database Procedures that Return Rows
No special parameter treatment is required for database procedures that return rows. SQLBindParameter() can be used for return values, input parameters, and BYREF parameters as before, regardless of whether rows are to be returned.
The following example shows a procedure that returns rows but has no input parameters:
/* Create the row-returning procedure. */
SQLExecDirect( hstmt, "create procedure retRow result row " \
    "( varchar(20) ) as declare pmodel = varchar(20) not null; " \
    "begin for select model into pmodel from cars do " \
    "return row( pmodel ); endfor; end" ), SQL_NTS );
/* Execute the procedure. */
SQLExecDirect( hstmt, "{ call retRow () }", SQL_NTS );
/* Fetch the result data. */
SQLFetch( hstmt );