J. Netu Procedures : Remote User Authorization Operations : Define Remote User Authorizations
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Define Remote User Authorizations
A remote user authorization associates a specified vnode name with a specified account on the node represented by that vnode name.
To define a remote user authorization
Note:  You can exit this procedure at any time without making an entry by pressing Esc and Enter.
1. Start netu by entering netu at the operating system prompt.
The netu menu appears.
2. Select A (Modify Remote User Authorization Entry).
The following prompt appears:
Enter operation (add, del, show, exit):
3. Enter add. (Type a instead of add.)
Netu asks if you want a private or global authorization.
4. Do one of the following:
To accept the default (private), press Enter.
To select global, enter G.
5. Enter the vnode name of the remote node.
6. Enter the name of the account at the remote node.
7. Enter the password for the remote account.
The default is an asterisk (*). Use this only if the remote account has no password.
8. Enter the password for the remote account again.
The utility finishes defining a remote user authorization and displays the following prompt:
Enter operation (add, del, show, exit):
9. Continue with remote user authorization tasks or choose exit to Enter to the netu menu.