12. Understanding .NET Data Provider Connectivity : .NET Data Provider Classes : IngresConnection Class : Enlistment in Distributed Transactions
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Enlistment in Distributed Transactions
The .NET Data Provider supports enlistment in distributed transactions through the MS Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) and the XA two-phase commit protocol.
Developers should be aware of MSDTC performance with distributed transactions and the lag time in communicating with all voters of the two-phase commit protocol. For performance reasons, distributed transactions should be used carefully. While the enlistment in a distributed transaction is not slow, it is not as fast as an enlistment in a local transaction.
To use the EnlistTransaction and EnlistDistributedTransaction methods in the .NET Data Provider, the administrator of the Windows machine must enable XA transactions through Component Services.
To enable XA support in Windows 7
Select Start, Control Panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, Component Services, Computers, My Computer, Distributed Transaction Coordinator, (right-click) Local DTC, Properties, Security tab, Enable XA Transactions.