7. Troubleshooting Connectivity : How You Diagnose Connectivity Problems : General Net Installation Check : How You Check Installation on VMS
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How You Check Installation on VMS
If you are experiencing a problem and cannot determine its source, use this diagnostic procedure as a starting point:
1. Verify that your network protocol is functioning.
You must be able to connect to another node on the network. If you cannot, your network software is not working. Contact your network administrator to correct the networking problem.
2. Verify that you can connect to the database on the remote node when you are logged in directly to the remote node.
a. Log directly into the remote node.
b. Enter a command that connects you to the database. For example:
$ sql database_name
If you cannot connect when logged in directly to the remote node, the problem is something other than Ingres Net.
If you can connect this way, but cannot connect when you are Using Net to log in to the remote node and make the connection (through the syntax sql vnode_name::database_name for example), it is an Ingres Net problem. Proceed with Step 3.
3. To verify that the iigcc and iigcn processes are running properly on your local node:
Check the error log (errlog.log) for any error messages indicating a startup failure on the part of either iigcc or iigcn. Check the iigcc process on the remote node also.
Alternatively, at the operating system prompt, type show system.
This command displays a list of the processes currently active. Check for the following processes:
II_IUSV (dmfrcp)
4. Check that the iigcc process is registered with the Name Server:
a. Enter iinamu at the operating system prompt.
b. Type show comsvr.
If you receive no output from the show comsvr command, this means that there is no Communications Server registered with the Name Server.
5. Check that configuration parameters such as local_vnode and the Communications Server listen address are correctly set. These parameters can be viewed and, if necessary, changed using the Configuration Manager (vcbf) or Configuration-By-Forms (cbf) utility.