7. Troubleshooting Connectivity : How You Diagnose Connectivity Problems : How You Resolve Net Registration Problems
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How You Resolve Net Registration Problems
To resolve net registration problems, use this procedure:
1. Use the General Net Installation Check to verify that your installation is properly installed and working.
2. Check that your connection data entries and remote user authorizations are correct.
The utilities used to set up connection data and remote user authorizations (Network Utility, Visual DBA, or netutil) can test a connection, but you must explicitly choose the Test operation from a menu. If you did not test the connection after entering, adding, or editing connection data or remote user authorizations, the information can be incorrect.
3. Check that the required connection data and remote user authorizations for the target installation exist. If they are present, check the following:
That all vnode names and user (account) names are spelled correctly
That the proper network protocol has been specified
That listen addresses and network addresses are correct
Note:  End users check their private entries. A user with the SECURITY privilege (typically a system administrator) checks another user’s private entries by using the -u command flag in netutil to impersonate that user. Users can also perform this task using Network Utility and Visual DBA.
Any user can check global entries, however if corrections are required, they must be made by a user with the GCA privilege NET_ADMIN (typically the system administrator).
4. If you are experiencing problems connecting to a distributed database, make sure that the connection data and remote user authorizations required by Ingres Star have been entered on the Star Server installation. For more information, see the Ingres Star User Guide.