7. Troubleshooting Connectivity : How You Diagnose Connectivity Problems : Connection Errors : Local Connection Errors
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Local Connection Errors
Each Communications Server has a GCA and GCC listen address. The GCA listen address is the server’s connection to local processes and is known only to the local Name Server (iigcn). The GCC listen address is the server’s connection to the network and is known to all nodes in the network. These listen addresses are stored separately.
The GCA address is stored at runtime in an IICOMSVR file in the Name Server database. You can obtain this address using the iinamu utility. Do not attempt to view these files directly. For more information about iinamu, see the Command Reference Guide.
The GCC address is stored in the config.dat file when the installation is configured. To view or change the GCC address, use the Net Server Protocol Configuration screen in the Configuration-By-Forms (cbf) utility, or the Net Server Protocols page in Configuration Manager (vcbf).
When the Communications Server starts up, it must be able to obtain the use of the network (GCC) listen address. If the Communications Server cannot use this listen address because the operating system has allocated the address to another process, the Communications Server cannot listen on that protocol. This problem can occasionally arise if the installation is not started from the machine boot file.