J. Netu Procedures : Remote User Authorization Operations : Change Remote User Authorizations : Overwrite an Incorrect Entry
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Overwrite an Incorrect Entry
Use this procedure to modify a remote user authorization when some part of the authorization information, other than the vnode name, has changed. For example, perhaps the passwords to accounts are changed on a regular basis. When this happens, the remote user authorizations must be modified to allow users continued access to remote accounts.
When you use this procedure, netu overwrites the existing authorization whose vnode name matches the vnode name that you specify. Use the values of the new, correct authorization to respond to the prompts.
To modify a remote user authorization
1. Start netu by entering netu at the operating system prompt.
The netu menu appears.
2. Select A (Modify Remote User Authorization Entry).
The following prompt appears:
Enter command (add, del, show, exit):
3. Enter add. (Type a instead of add.)
Netu asks if the authorization is private or global.
4. Do one of the following:
If the authorization is private, press Enter.
If the authorization is global, enter G.
5. Enter the remote vnode name.
6. Enter the remote user name.
7. Enter the password.
8. Enter the password a second time.
Netu replaces the existing authorization with the new one and displays the following prompt:
Enter operation (add, del, show, exit):
9. Continue with other user authorization operations or Enter to the netu menu by selecting exit.