4. Establishing Communications : Network Utility and Visual DBA : Additional Vnode-Related Tasks : Refresh Vnodes
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Refresh Vnodes
Refreshing a vnode updates loaded vnode data.
To refresh particular vnodes
Click the Force Refresh button on the toolbar.
Choose a node, Force Refresh.
You can configure your background refresh settings by choosing File, Preferences.
Test Vnodes
In Network Utility and Visual DBA, you can test if a connection to a specific node can be established.
To test a connection
From the Virtual Nodes toolbar, choose Node, Test Node.
If the connection fails, an error message is returned.
Disconnect from a Vnode
Closing a window does not end communications with the servers on that window. Network Utility and Visual DBA continue to request data refreshes from the vnode until you disconnect from it.
Detailed steps for this procedure can be found in the Procedures section of Network Utility and Visual DBA online help. See the topic Disconnecting From a Vnode.