10. Understanding ODBC Connectivity : ODBC Programming : Scrollable Cursors : Scrollable Cursor Programming Considerations
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Scrollable Cursor Programming Considerations
The ODBC DSN definition or connection string must specify cursor loops, or name a cursor using the SQLSetCursorName() function. Select loops cannot be used with static or keyset-driven cursors.
Keyset-driven cursors require the cursor to be named. The cursor name must be included in the WHERE CURRENT OF clause in the update or delete query.
The SQLFetchScroll() function fetches records in the result set according to the directive specified in the FetchOrientation argument.
Cursor types can be specified in the SQLSetStmtAttr() function and queried by the SQLGetStmtAttr() function.
Use the SQLSetConnectvAttr() function to specify that the ODBC Driver is to be used for scrollable cursor functions.