9. Configuring the Data Access Server : How You Enable Data Access Server Tracing : Set DAS Tracing
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Set DAS Tracing
To set both GCD and GCA tracing for the DAS in the configuration file to detailed levels of tracing
1. Issue the following commands, replacing machine with the appropriate machine name:
iisetres  ii.machine.gcd.*.gcd_trace_log /tmp/gcd.log
iisetres  ii.machine.gcd.*.gcd_trace_level 5
iisetres  ii.machine.gcd.*.gca_trace_level 5
2. Recycle the DAS to start tracing. You can recycle the DAS only (instead of the entire installation) by issuing these commands:
ingstop –iigcd
ingstart -iigcd
To remove the trace entries and stop tracing
Issue the following commands, and then recycle the DAS:
iiremres  ii.machine.gcd.*.gcd_trace_log
iiremres  ii.machine.gcd.*.gcd_trace_level
iiremres  ii.machine.gcd.*.gca_trace_level