2. Exploring Net : Net and Bridge Users : System Administrator and Ingres Net
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System Administrator and Ingres Net
The system administrator often performs the following Ingres Net-specific tasks, however any user with the appropriate privileges can perform these tasks:
Defining global connection data entries and remote user authorizations. This task requires the GCA privilege NET_ADMIN.
Starting, stopping, configuring, and monitoring Ingres servers, including the Name, Communications, and Bridge servers. These tasks require the GCA privilege SERVER_CONTROL.
The NET_ADMIN and SERVER_CONTROL privileges are assigned by default to the installation owner user ID, system (on VMS), and root (on UNIX). To assign these privileges to another user, the system administrator must manually add the following line to the config.dat file:
ii.node_name.privileges.user.user:   SERVER_CONTROL,NET_ADMIN
For example:
ii.panther.privileges.user.joan:   SERVER_CONTROL,NET ADMIN