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Adding a Host and Instance Using the EMA Web Console
You can easily add or remove hosts and their instances for monitoring by using the Nagios graphical interface.
To add hosts and their instances
1. On the EMA web console, navigate to Actian EMA Configuration and click EMA Instances.
The list of monitored hosts is displayed.
2. Click “Add a new EMA monitored instance.”
The External Command Interface appears with the message: "You are requesting to add an Ingres host."
3. Enter all required fields, including the instance ID, and then click Commit.
A confirmation message appears.
Note:  If you want to add another host or instance, click Done, and repeat this step.
4. Click Restart the Nagios process.
A confirmation message appears.
5. Click Commit.
The configuration files are updated with the new host and instance details and Nagios restarts.
The new hosts and instances appear on the EMA console.
Use a similar procedure to add an instance to an existing host, edit an instance, or remove an instance.
Last modified date: 06/10/2024