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Calling Ingres Tools from Embedded QUEL
Using the CALL Statement
Using the call statement, you can call Ingres tools or execute operating system commands from within an embedded QUEL program. For additional information about the call statement, see CALL--Call an Ingres Tool or the Operating System on page 5.
To call an Ingres tool, the syntax is:
## call subsystem (database = dbname {parameter value}); 
To call the operating system, the syntax is:
## call system (command = command_string)
You can specify parameters using (quoted or unquoted) strings or host string variables. If there is no value for a particular parameter, use an empty string ("").
## call qbf (database = "empdb", table = "employee")
## call rbf (database = "empdb", 
## flags = "-s -mblock emptable")
## call report (database = :dbvar, name = :namevar,
## mode = :modevar)
## call system (command = "mail")
In the third example, "dbvar", "namevar", and "modevar" are host language string variables.
Last modified date: 11/28/2023