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Database Configuration
Database Configuration Overview
Vector configuration is on a per-database basis. This chapter discusses considerations for a few database settings that are commonly set or modified.
The Vector installation process generates an initial vectorwise.conf configuration file that includes several configuration parameters with default settings based on your system’s size. Configuration parameters that are not explicitly included in the configuration file assume a default value. Refer to the Vector User Guide for details and default values to see if it makes sense for you to change the default values.
By default, vectorwise.conf settings apply for every database you create (you can change this--see the Vector User Guide for details). As such, and because Vector dedicates a process per database, you must consider the sum of resources required for each database.
For example, Vector by default allocates 50% of physical memory to its execution memory. This is on a per-database basis. If you actively use three databases, then you could be using 150% of memory, which is not reasonable. In this case, make sure to set the execution memory size for each database small enough so that if used all together at the same time, they consume a reasonable amount of memory. Consider using different schemas in a single database over multiple databases to optimize resource consumption for all users.
Last modified date: 03/21/2024