4. Maintaining Connectivity
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Maintaining Connectivity
Start Communications Server
Stop Communications Server
Inbound and Outbound Session Limits
Logging Levels
How You Direct Logging Output to a File
GCF Server Management Using iimonitor
Default Remote Nodes
Start Data Access Server (DAS)
Stop Data Access Server (DAS)
Start Communications Server
The Communications Server starts automatically when you start your Vector instance. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to stop the Communications Server.
You can start the local instance’s Communications Server using Visual Manager (IVM). For specific instructions, see IVM online help.
You can also start the Communications Server using the command line utilities.
To start the Communications Server at the command line
1. Log in as the installation owner.
2. Enter the following command at the operating system prompt:
ingstart -iigcc
The configured number of Communications Servers (set during installation) is started.