9. Understanding .NET Data Provider Connectivity : IngresDataReader Object--Retrieve Data from the Database : GetSchemaTable Method--Obtain Schema Information from a Database
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GetSchemaTable Method--Obtain Schema Information from a Database
The .NET Data Provider enables you to obtain schema information from Ingres data sources. Such schema information includes database schemas or catalogs available from the data source, database tables and views, and constraints that exist for database tables.
The .NET Data Provider exposes schema information using the GetSchemaTable method of the IngresDataReader object. This method returns a DataTable that describes the resultset column metadata. For more information on this metadata, see GetSchemaTable Columns Returned.
If the ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.KeyInfo) method was called in the IngresCommand object when building the IngresDataReader, additional information about primary key columns, unique columns, and base names are retrieved from the database catalog and included in the returned DataTable.