A. IPv6 Configuration : Parameters for Controlling IPv6 Support : II_GC_PROT Environment Variable--Set IPC Protocol
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II_GC_PROT Environment Variable--Set IPC Protocol
The II_GC_PROT environment variable sets the local interprocess communications (IPC) protocol. You can set this variable using the ingsetenv command.
Note:  II_GC_PROT should be changed only when Ingres (including tools such as IVM) is completely shut down; otherwise, failures will occur for Ingres shutdown, startup, and connection requests.
This variable has the following format:
II_GC_PROT = protocol
Specifies the local IPC protocol as one of the following:
(Default for Linux) Uses the current TCP_IP protocol driver.
Windows: TCP_IP is the only valid value. The default IPC protocol is named pipes.
(Linux only) Uses the previous version of the TCP_IP protocol driver, which supports IPv4 addresses only.