4. Stage 2--Migrate the Schema, Data, and Queries : Loading Data
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Loading Data
VectorH provides a number of methods for loading data into the database:
INSERT is an SQL statement that is typically used for loading small volumes of data into VectorH tables.
COPY is an SQL statement that can read and write file based data. The files can be located on the server or on the client.
vwload is an external utility that can load file based data. As with COPY, files can be located on the client or on the server. The vwload utility also supports a cluster mode option that uses each DataNode, performing the load in a parallel fashion.
You can use SQL for the vwload cluster mode operation with the COPY table() VWLOAD FROM 'file1', 'file2',... syntax.
The ODBC, JDBC, and .NET drivers support the high performance API calls such as addBatch().
The Spark-Vector Connector lets you load data using Apache Spark. For more information on the Spark-Vector Connector, see https://github.com/ActianCorp/spark-vector/tree/master.
For examples of COPY and vwload, see the SQL Language Guide and the User Guide.