4. Stage 2--Migrate the Schema, Data, and Queries
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Stage 2--Migrate the Schema, Data, and Queries
Migrating a Database Schema to Vector
Partitioning Tables
Loading Data
Generating Statistics
Routine Maintenance
Migrating a Database Schema to Vector
In general, the Data Definition Language (DDL) supported by Actian Vector and VectorH is very similar to that used by other products, and so porting a schema for a database is typically quite simple.
If you have a live connection to the database available, then it is possible to read the metadata from the connection and create tables based on this metadata. Various tools are available that can do some or all of this.
Other third party tools can also be used to achieve this quickly, such as Microsoft Visio, Sybase PowerDesigner, CA Erwin, or open source choices such as Squirrel SQL ( http://squirrel-sql.sourceforge.net/), Open System Architect ( http://codebydesign.com/SystemArchitect/downloads/), or Argo UML ( http://argouml.tigris.org/). Because most open source options are Java based, they will require the JDBC driver from the Client Runtime package to be set up during configuration; ensure that you have the Client Runtime package installed first.
If you are migrating a schema but only have the DDL files without a live connection, then some text processing is needed to be able to convert from source to target syntax.