3. Stage 1--Define and Create the Test Environment : Installation : Which DataNodes to Install VectorH On?
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Which DataNodes to Install VectorH On?
By default, VectorH is installed on all the active DataNodes in a Hadoop cluster, and their Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) are automatically recorded in the slaves file in $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/hdfs.
If you do not want to install VectorH on all the active DataNodes, follow this procedure:
To control the number of DataNodes used by VectorH
1. When you are prompted during the installation whether you want to set up the DataNodes, enter ā€œnā€ for no.
The install process stops.
2. Edit the slaves file in $II_SYSTEM/ingres/files/hdfs to list the DataNodes you want to use.
3. Continue the installation by using the following command:
iisuhdfs datanodes
The slave nodes are set up and the installation is complete.