5. Uninstalling VectorH
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Uninstalling VectorH
How You Safely Uninstall Vector
How You Safely Uninstall Vector
Removing Vector is an irreversible event with pervasive effects. Any products or applications that share the removed DBMS Server are affected, as follows:
Any future attempt to connect to this database will fail.
If you re-install Vector, you may not be able to reference the data.
Removing the RPMs does not remove data by default. For an installation installed from a TAR file, however, if the data is under II_SYSTEM, it will be removed.
If you know you want to remove a Vector instance, follow this process:
1. If you want to keep data for later use or you want to move your data to another hardware/operating system configuration, you must run unloaddb against each database before removing Vector. Doing so will allow you to reload the data easily if you re-install Vector later on a different machine.
2. If you do not want to keep the data files, you can run destroydb against each database before removing Vector. The destroydb command locates and deletes all data files.
3. Uninstall Vector.