2. Installing VectorH : How to Install on a Kerberos-enabled Cluster
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How to Install on a Kerberos-enabled Cluster
If Kerberos is enabled in the Hadoop cluster, then a Kerberos principal and a keytab file are required to perform the installation. You will need a renewable Kerberos ticket for the actian user and hdfs user.
If doing a privileged install (using root or sudo), then the installer becomes the hdfs user as part of the installation process and so the hdfs user also requires a Kerberos ticket.
Follow this process when installing on a Kerberos-enabled cluster:
1. Set up the Kerberos principal for the Actian software. For example:
2. Extract the keytab file for Actian.
3. Obtain a ticket for the actian user. For example:
kinit actian@YOURREALM –k –t /.../actian.headless.keytab.
4. If needed, also ensure that the hdfs user has a Kerberos ticket using a command similar to above as the hdfs user. For example:
sudo -u hdfs kinit hdfs...
5. Start the installer.
The installer will detect that the cluster has Kerberos enabled, check that required tickets are in place, and prompt for the required Kerberos details (principal name and keytab file).
If using a response file to perform the install then add the required parameters (KRB5_PRINCIPAL and KRB5_KEYTAB_FILE) to the response file.