2. Installing VectorH
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Installing VectorH
Linux Requirements
Hadoop Requirement
Installation Default Settings
Installation Overview
Changes to Installation Process in this Release
Set Up the Authorization String
How to Install on a Kerberos-enabled Cluster
install.sh Command--Install VectorH
Install VectorH as root (Recommended)
Install VectorH as sudo
Install VectorH as Non-root
Install VectorH Using RPM Commands
Vector in Secure Hadoop (Kerberos)
Set Up Slave Nodes Manually
Upgrading VectorH
How to Access the Instance on Linux
View Installation Environment Settings
Start or Shut Down the Vector Instance
Linux Requirements
VectorH requires certain components to be installed on Linux systems. The installer performs an initial check to ensure all the following required software is installed:
rsync utility
libaio (Linux Asynchronous I/O library)