2. Installing VectorH : install.sh Command--Install VectorH
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install.sh Command--Install VectorH
The install.sh command installs all Vector packages and runs the setup. It can be used for both interactive and unattended installs.
The install.sh command must be run as the "root" system user or using the "sudo" command.
This command has the following format:
install.sh [-respfile filename] [‑acceptlicense] [-express] [-interactive]
   [-uid uid] [-user username] [-noroot] [-usesudo] [‑masteronly]
   [-withad|-noad] [-withdemo|-nodemo]
   [instance_ID] [install_dir]
-respfile filename
Uses filename as the response file when running setup. A response file lets you customize the installation. For more information, see Installing VectorH Using a Response File.
Accepts all license prompts. No user prompting occurs.
Installs with no user prompts (implies -accepticense.)
Installs interactively, prompting for all configuration options. (For advanced users only.)
-uid uid 
Specifies the user ID (UID) to be used when creating user. The username must exist. (Disallowed with -noroot.)
-user username
Installs as username instead of actian. The username must exist. (Disallowed with -noroot.)
Note:  Valid only when using the ingbuild distribution.
Installs VectorH as the current user. All installation locations, both local and HDFS, must exist and be writable as current user for the installation to succeed. Instance will be owned by current user.
Note:  Cluster topology may not be visible as current user so the slaves file may not be generated. In that case, a default slaves file is created containing only the Master node.
Note:  Valid only when using the ingbuild distribution.
Installs Vector in Hadoop using the current user and invokes sudo for root access, locally and remotely. The instance is owned as "actian" by default. If required, the current user is used for remote connections and sudo is invoked for root access.
Sets up master node only; no slave nodes are set up. (No remote connections attempted.)
-withad | ‑noad 
Installs or excludes Actian Director.
-withdemo | ‑nodemo 
Installs or excludes Demo packages.
Defines a two-character string where the first character must be an uppercase letter and the second character must be an uppercase letter or a number from 0 to 9.
Specifies the full path to the location where Vector is to be installed (II_SYSTEM).
Note:  Not valid for DEBs, in which case II_SYSTEM is hard coded to: /opt/Actian/Vector.
1. install.sh will fail if another instance of VectorH exists with the same instance ID as the one being installed.
2. If logged in as a user other than "actian", after install.sh completes, do the following:
a. Log off from the current user.
b. Log on as the "actian" system user and source .ingXXsh (where XX is the instance ID), which is found in the home directory ($HOME) of the "actian" system user.