2. Installing VectorH : Install VectorH as Non-root
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Install VectorH as Non-root
Note:  Valid only when using the ingbuild distribution.
To install VectorH without privileged access, or if your Linux system does not have the RPM package manager, you must download the ingbuild distribution, and then install VectorH using the install.sh ‑noroot command.
Using the ‑noroot flag installs VectorH as the current user. The instance will be owned by the current user. All installation locations, both local and HDFS, must exist and be writable as current user.
Note:  Because the cluster topology may not be visible as the current user, the slaves file may not be generated. If this is the case, a default slaves file is created containing only the master node. You are prompted to enter slave nodes manually, if appropriate.
When using the -noroot flag, you must do the following before installing VectorH:
Create the II_SYSTEM path on all the nodes, owned by the user you want to install as.
Ensure that the HDFS path exists.
Supply the slaves list.