2. Installing VectorH : Vector in Secure Hadoop (Kerberos)
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Vector in Secure Hadoop (Kerberos)
Installing and running VectorH on a Hadoop cluster configured to use Kerberos for authentication and authorization requires generating and managing Kerberos ticket-granting tickets (TGT).
For installation, a TGT is required on the master node for both the Hadoop administrative user (typically hdfs) and the VectorH administrative user (typically actian) so that HDFS data locations can be created as part of the installation.
For runtime, a dedicated principal and keytab are required to create and renew TGTs for the VectorH administrative user to access HDFS and other Hadoop services (for example, YARN). After the principal and keytab are defined, VectorH renews the TGTs across all nodes without the need for further user interaction.