2. Installing VectorH : Install VectorH as root (Recommended)
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Install VectorH as root (Recommended)
If you have root access to the cluster, we recommend that you install VectorH as root since this allows the installer to configure the system.
You can install VectorH using the installation shell script install.sh for either the RPM or non-package manager (ingbuild) distribution.
To install VectorH as root
1. Choose a node in the cluster on which you will run the installer; the node must be a DataNode.
We refer to this node as the master node of the installation.
2. Copy the distribution TGZ file to the master node in a location where other users and not just root can read it, for example, /tmp.
Running the installer from a location such as /root will not work because other users do not have read access to this directory.
3. As root, unpack the distribution TGZ file. For example:
tar xf actian-vectorh-5.0.0-000-com-linux-rpm-x86_64.tgz
Note:  You may need to use the z option, depending on the version of tar.
The unpacked tar file contains a directory. For example:
4. Change to the directory created in the previous step. For example:
cd ./actian-vectorh-5.0.0-000-com-linux-rpm-x86_64
5. Enter the following command as the root user to run the installation utility:
If you are logged in as a user other than root, use sudo to run the utility:
sudo ./install.sh
The installation utility starts.
6. Respond to the installation prompts. Accept the defaults.
All components are installed as user "actian" in the location: /opt/Actian/VectorVH/.
When the installation is complete, the instance is running.