2. Installing VectorH : Set Up Slave Nodes Manually
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Set Up Slave Nodes Manually
By default, all DataNodes active in the cluster are configured as slave nodes.
You may need to set up the slave nodes manually for these reasons:
If you want to use only a subset of DataNodes as VectorH slave nodes
If the slave node setup did not run or complete successfully
To set up the slave nodes manually
1. Edit the following file to contain the list of DataNodes to be used as VectorH slave nodes:
For example:
Note:  You must use Fully Qualified Domain Names for each slave node.
2. Issue the following commands:
su - actian
source .ingVHsh
iisuhdfs datanodes
3. When prompted to set up RSA key authentication to a slave node, enter y.
4. When prompted for a key location, accept the default.
The RSA key is generated.
5. When prompted, accept the connection and the "actian" password for each node.
The RSA key is copied to each slave node.
The vectorwise.conf configuration is then regenerated based on the new cluster configuration.
Finally, the executables and configuration files are pushed to each slave node using rsync. This may take a minute the first time because a JRE and the Intel MPI Runtime environment are pushed to each node. After the first sync, updates are quicker.
The setup program completes successfully.