5. Uninstalling VectorH : How You Safely Uninstall Vector : Uninstall VectorH
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Uninstall VectorH
The following instructions assume that the user is actian, the instance ID is VH, and II_SYSTEM is /opt/Actian/VectorVH. The HDFS locations used in the installation are stored in II_HDFSDATA, II_HDFSBACKUP, and II_HDFSWORK.
To uninstall VectorH
On the master node:
1. As actian user, source the environment, stop VectorH, and stop the Management Server:
source ~/.ingVHsh
ingstop –mgmtsvr
Or, if you have installed the service script, stop the service, and then remove it, as root:
service actian-vectorhVH stop
chkconfig --del actian-vectorhVH
rm -f /etc/init.d/actian-vectorhVH
2. As actian user, remove the HDFS locations:
hdfsloc=$(ingprenv II_HDFSDATA)
hdfs dfs -rm -r -skipTrash $hdfsloc
hdfsloc=$(ingprenv II_HDFSBACKUP)
hdfs dfs -rm -r -skipTrash $hdfsloc
hdfsloc=$(ingprenv II_HDFSWORK)
hdfs dfs -rm -r -skipTrash $hdfsloc
3. As root, remove installation:
rm -rf /opt/Actian/VectorVH
Issue commands to remove RPM packages, if applicable, as follows:
rpm -e actian-vectorh-net-5.0.0... actian-vectorh-dbms-5.0.0... actian-vectorh-5.0.0...
4. (Optional) Remove user:
userdel -r actian
On the slave nodes:
1. As root, remove installation:
rm -rf /opt/Actian/VectorVH
2. (Optional) Remove user:
userdel -r actian