5. Uninstalling VectorH : How You Safely Uninstall Vector : uninstall Command--Uninstall VectorH
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uninstall Command--Uninstall VectorH
For Linux distributions that have RPM or DEB package manager, you can uninstall VectorH using an uninstall command.
The uninstall command is in the extracted distribution archive in the bin subfolder.
The uninstall command removes any or all instances of VectorH on a machine. This command invokes the appropriate package manager for the installation. If this command is run without any parameters, it generates a list of standard (non-renamed) installed packages and prompts for confirmation before removing them.
Run the uninstall command on the master node only.
This command has the following format:
uninstall {[instance ID] | [-a (--all)]} [-y (--yes)] [-c (--clean)]
instance ID
Identifies the instance ID embedded in the renamed package names to be removed.
Removes all Vector packages for all Vector instances. This parameter cannot be used if specifying an instance ID.
Answers yes to all prompts (that is, does not prompt).
Removes the $II_SYSTEM/ingres directory and all database locations after the uninstall operation is complete.