7. Configuring and Managing VectorH : Configuration Parameters in config.dat : Access Configuration-By-Forms Utility
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Access Configuration-By-Forms Utility
Configuration-By-Forms (CBF) is an interactive forms-based utility that is available in all environments in which Vector runs. All configuration parameters are described in CBF's online help facility.
To access the Configuration-By-Forms utility
Enter cbf at the command line.
How You Navigate in CBF
Here are tips on how to navigate in CBF to locate and set parameters:
On the main screen, all system components are listed. Use the arrow keys to highlight the component you want to configure.
The menu at the bottom of each screen lists the functions you can perform. Use the key combination for the function. For example, to Configure, press SH+F1.
To scroll through all available functions shown in the menu at the bottom of the screen, press the ESC key.
To cancel an action, press the ESC key.
To return to the previous screen, press F10.
To exit CBF, press F6 from the Main Screen.
For help on any screen or parameter, press F1.