17. Backing Up and Restoring the Database : Archiver Exit Script (acpexit) : Customization of Archiver Exit Script
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Customization of Archiver Exit Script
You can modify the archiver exit script to take action appropriate to your installation. For example, one possible course of action is to delete a reserved file on the journal disk to free up space and restart the archiver.
You can customize the archiver exit script in these respects:
The default script sends mail to the installation owner account when archive processing halts, and includes the reason for the failure. You can modify this script to notify the system administrator directly of a situation that needs resolving.
You can tailor the script to handle certain resource and environmental problems automatically. For example, if archive processing has stopped because of insufficient disk space, the script can automatically reclaim disk space and resume archive processing.
The default script is executed with one or two arguments, described in Archiver Exit Script Parameters. You can choose whether to incorporate these arguments if you customize the script.
The default script includes examples of processing you can use for your installation. These examples are formatted as comments, and can be included in the script by removing the comment prefixes.